I don’t remember it being this hard. Of course, when I was working back in Cali I just had the one and well, I was the boss so had a very flexible schedule. Now that I’m the very very very low woman on the totem pole, and double the kids, this working-mom gig is really tough.

I’m drinking a pot of coffee daily. I would mainline it, if I could. I’m glad my kids don’t have ADD, cuz I might be tempted to take their Ritalin…

Work is great though. I enjoy the whole process- getting dressed up in the morning; wearing make-up; packing my lunch in a super-cute lunch tote. I love talking with people in the office and chatting with my  c0-workers. I like having co-workers.

But…seriously.  If I wasn’t so freaked out by having my heart burst or having a brain vessel pop, I would totally be hammering some of those crazy-chemical energy drinks. Or Ritalin. Just sayin’….