You know from yesterday’s post, I’ve been working on cleaning/organizing my laundry room. The chainsaw laundry hamper is just not cutting it:) (see what I just did there- “chainsaw” & “cutting it” hehehehe)

I needed some sort of storage piece that I could throw things in, on, and at the same time, keep things organized. I needed to visit my most favorite “thrift” store ever- The NC State Surplus store located at 6501 Chapel Hill Rd in Raleigh (just down the street and you are in Cary). (You can read more about it in this post here.)



I can’t believe I found this! I can’t believe it only cost $15!!! Check this piece out-

laundry storage clean


It’s a sea-foam green metal cabinet from the NC State Dept. of Agriculture. It even came with this nifty magnet-

laundry storage west nile

(Yeah, I’m stoked. I’ve got some plans for this sucker.)

Why do I love this piece so much? (drum roll please….)

laundry storage open foot

The lids flip up & away and the drawers slide out!!! COOLIO!!!

Guess where I’m now storing my shoes? My library books? My purse? My junk? IN THESE COOL STORAGE SHELVES! (yes, I’m that excited that I must use all caps. THAT EXCITED!!)

Now you see my stuff-

And now you don’t-

I’m in love- with the storage cabinet and with the State Surplus store. My endorphins are on overdrive right now. (I’m heading to roll out my boots right this second:)

p.s. Yes, the snow globes were there too today. Funny enough, they were all from island countries, like Jamaica and Puerto Rico.

p.p.s. The laundry room makeover is finished! Check it out-