Just go. I have no words to describe the wonder of the North Carolina State Surplus store located at 6501 Chapel Hill Rd in Raleigh (just down the street and you are in Cary). Just GO!

Drive. Park. Enter the building and walk past the front desk. You’ll see this sign:



Follow the arrow and walk through the doorway to heaven:

The State Surplus retail store’s mission is to “dispose of property declared surplus by using agencies through transfers or sales to other agencies, political sub-divisions, qualified non-profit tax-exempt organizations,sale to the public or by recycling in a manner that provides the most benefit to North Carolina and its citizens.”

Basically everything possible used and owned by the State of NC comes through these doors when they’re used and out-of-date. Everything. Then we, the public, can buy it for CHEAP!

Make sure you have an ID as they make you sign in once in- and bring CASH. It’s cash & carry only- and empty out your trunk, van, truck, because look at this:

Rows and rows of filing cabinets (around 50 today) for this price:

Or check out these light covers from the Dept. of Agriculture ($5 for 9):


Or check out the hundreds of chairs from state offices & waiting rooms priced from $2 to  $10:


How about a box of brand new 3-ring binders for $2 (yes, for the whole box):

Or my favorite, desks, tables, and cabinets pulled from around the State with prices ranging from $5 to $10:

They even have the tops of desks for sale just for $2:

Or my absolute favorite, jaw-dropping, wish I had more room in my house, credenza:

It’s on its side, but its FABULOUS! Plus it’s only $10.00!!

This is just one small part of the State Surplus warehouse. They sell tools, computers, “seized” property, cars, it’s huge.

Just GO!  They are open Monday-Friday, 9am-4:30pm.